Recent Journal/Conference Papers (^ indicate student members in our group)

Submitted/To be submitted

  1. [SMG] Yuedong Xu, Yifan Zhou^, Yifan Mao^, Xu Chen, “Can Early Joining Participants Contribute More?– Timeliness Sensitive Incentivization for Crowdsensing”, Technical Report. (link)
  2. [SMG] Qianlan Bai^, Yuedong Xu*, Nianyi Liu^, Xin Wang, “Blockchain Mining with Multiple Selfish Miners”, Technical Report. (link)
  3. [SMG] Yuedong Xu, John C.S. Lui, “Multi-dimensional Network Security Game”, Technical Report, 2014. (link)
  4. [DML] Xuanjie Li^, Yuedong Xu*, Hui Wang, Xin Wang, John C.S. Lui, “Decentralized Stochastic Proximal Gradient Descent with Variance Reduction over Time-varying Networks”, Technical Report. (link)


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  2. [DML] Qingyang Duan^, Zeqin Wang^, Yuedong Xu*, Shaoteng Liu, Jun Wu, “Mercury: A Simple Transport Layer Scheduler to Accelerate Distributed DNN Training”, Proc. of IEEE Infocom 2022.  
  3. [SMG] Qianlan Bai^, Yuedong Xu*, Xin Wang, “Understanding the Benefit of Being Patient in Payment Channel Networks”, IEEE Trans. Network Science and Engineering, 2022.
  4.  Chao Xu , Jessie Hui Wang , Jilong Wang , Tao Yu , Yipeng Zhou , Yuedong Xu, Di Wu , Changqing An, “Offloading Elastic Transfers to Opportunistic Vehicular Networks Based on Imperfect Trajectory Prediction”, IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking, 2022.


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  2. Lei Wang, Weixi Mao, Jin Zhao, Yuedong Xu, “DDQP: A Double Deep Q-Learning Approach to Online Fault-Tolerant SFC Placement”, IEEE Trans. Network Service and Management.
  3. [MMN] Zhe Chen^, Xu Zhang^, Sulei Wang^, Yuedong Xu*, Jie Xiong, Xin Wang, “Enabling Practical Large-Scale MIMO in WLANs With Hybrid Beamforming”, IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking, 2021.
  4. [MMN] Zhihao Gu^, Taiwei He^, Junwei Yin^, Yuedong Xu*, Jun Wu, “TyrLoc: A Low-cost Multi-technology MIMO Localization System with A Single RF Chain”, Proc. of ACM Mobisys 2021.
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  7. [MMN] Ying Zheng^, Lixiang Lin^, Tianqi Zhang^, Haoyu Chen^, Qingyang Duan^, Yuedong Xu*, Xin Wang, “Enabling Robust DRL-driven Networking Systems via Teacher-Student Learning”, IEEE JSAC 2021.


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  5. 郑莹^、段庆洋^、林利祥^、游新宇^、徐跃东、王新, “深度强化学习在典型网络系统中的应用综述”, 无线电通信技术(邀请), 2020.
  6. [MMN] Ying Zheng^, Haoyu Chen^, Qingyang Duan^, Lixiang Lin^, Yiyang Shao, Wei Wang, Xin Wang, Yuedong Xu*, “Leveraging Domain Knowledge for Robust Deep Reinforcement Learning in Networking”, Proc. of IEEE Infocom 2021.


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